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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

False Nature

Our World as a portrait is beautiful. Bright yellow sunflowers, flowing clear streams and clouds look fluffy enough to eat like cotton candy. Nature is a an irreplaceable supplement that needs to be cherished. But is our society advertising false nature? I have never made the trip to Niagara falls but always wanted to see the 150,000 gallons per second water fall. Yes indeed, Niagara falls is not technically a river but two giant inland seas connected by a straight. This is one of the many false facts about the falls, great alliteration! Thousands of people come visit this extraordinary site but are they under a false impression?

Under the international Niagara Diversion Treaty of 1950 states that between April 1st and September 16th, between the hours of 8am and 10pm there must be 100,000 cubic feet of water per second rushing over the cliff. Mind you with diversions of the straight between lake Erie and Ontario, the falls are a huge source of hydroelectric power. This revolutionized society but as we are seeing now at an extreme cost of toxic waste in the water. Companies are built near the falls, of course out of site of tourist, but they are there and are allowing there chemicals to leak into the water. Not only is this killing the habitat but the animals that live within this majestic place. But how majestic is Niagara falls? Reports have shown that special boards have been made to aesthetically please tourist all the way down to the emerald green color of the water. Now I ask you, is the truly nature? I say false. This is a set up, like so many other things in our lives, to make money and have people believe something that is so not real.

So I pose this question to you. Why do we as humans feel the need to exaggerate, falsify, and simply corrupt the truth? Why mess up nature when it is so pure in essence? Nature does not judge nor discriminate but only adapts to what it has been given. I myself find this hard to do at times but strive for this daily. Niagara falls is one of the many exaggerations in life, but whether we buy into it or not is our decision. Have you chosen?

To read more details and other whistle bowling facts about Niagara Fall, look into the book The Future of Nature, Written by Barry Lopez.

**I am not a righting major which means if the grammer is off pleaze exkuse me!**

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